FEDEASLab is a modular Matlab© toolbox for the simulation of the nonlinear structural response under static and dynamic loads. The names stands for Finite Elements for Design, Evaluation and Analysis of Structures and pays homage to Φϵιδιας, the creator of the magnificent sculptures for the Parthenon during the golden age of Athens under Pericles.

and has been used successfully for the development of new elements and material models, as well as for the simulation of the response of small and large structural models in research and instruction.

The toolbox consists of several functions grouped in categories. These functions operate on five basic data structures which represent the model, the loading, the element properties, the state of the structural response, and the parameters of the solution strategy. A sixth data structure is optional and carries post-processing information that can be used for response interpretation and visualization.

The process of performing the nonlinear response analysis of a structure under static or transient conditions is broken down into logical steps. Each step is represented by a separate function. With this approach the definition of the model, the element properties and the loading as well as the analysis of the model under the given loading is accomplished with scripts that invoke the individual functions. Alternative solution strategies can be readily explored. Moreover, the user can easily exchange a function to provide additional capabilities. It is equally easy to access the data objects and enhance the information stored in them. A common task is the addition of element and material models. This task is simplified by the consistent function interface used throughout the toolbox.