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plots stress field for all elements in the Model


FldNd = Plot_IPStressField (Model,U,Post,Type,Comp,PlotOpt)


PLOT_STRESSFIELD plots stress field for all elements in the Model
  the function plots in the current window the distribution of component COMP
  for the stress field TYPE for all finite elements in the model;
  the function uses the Matlab function scatteredInterpolant to inter-extra polate from the
  stress field values at the integration points of the elements to the nodal values
  and returns the resulting nodal values in vector FLDND;
  TYPE is a character variable with values 'Axial', 'Shear' or 'Momnt';
  COMP is a character variable with values 'xx','yy','zz','xy',yz','zx', '1', '2' or '3'
  for the axial and moment field, and values 'xy','yz','zx' for the shear field;
  COMP equal to '1', '2' or '3' plots the principal values of the corresponding field
  the model information is supplied in data structure MODEL;
  U are the global dof displacements; when present
  the function plots the stress field in the deformed configuration;
  POST is a data structure with the stress values of element e at integration point m in fields
    Elem{e}.Mat{m}.sig: for the membrane stresses
    Elem{e}.Mat{m}.M  : for the bending moments
    Elem{e}.Mat{m}.V  : for the shear forces
  PLOTOPT is an optional data structure with the following fields:
    Coord: coordinate system for stress field ('Carte','Polar','Spher') (default = 'Carte')
    MAGF : magnification factor for deformed shape (default=10)
    StrSF: scale factor for stress field (default=1)
    DirSF: scale factor for principal stress director line (default=1)
    LnWth: line width (default=1)
    LnClr: wireframe color (default = [0.6 0.6 0.6])
    IntMd: interpolation method ('linear','nearest','natural'; default='natural')
    ExtMd: extrapolation method ('linear','nearest','none'   ; default='nearest')

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