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plot axial forces in current window


Plot_AxialForces (Model,Post,ElemList,UserScale)


PLOT_AXIALFORCES plot axial forces in current window
  the function plots in the current window the axial force distribution of elements
  in ELEMLIST for the structural model in data structure MODEL;
  POST is either the vector of basic forces Q, or
  a cell array with post-processing information for the basic element forces in POST.ELEM{el}.Q;
  the optional row vector ELEMLIST contains the numbers of elements to include for plotting,
  e.g. [1:4 7 9] selects elements 1 through 4, 7 and 9;
  the optional scalar argument USERSCALE is a magnification factor for the diagram (default=1)

Cross-Reference Information

This function calls:

  • Localize returns the node coordinates and id array of element
  • ElmLenOr element length and x-axis orientation (direction cosines)
  • Get_ModelScale determines maximum and minimum element length in Model
  • Q2Post converts the vector of basic forces Q to cell array Post.Elem{}
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