Create_TickLabelscreates cell array of tick labels with custom label skipping
Create_Windowcreates new window with given dimensions
Draw_3dAxisCrossdraw cross through the axes origin of the x-y-z data
Draw_Arrowdraws 2d or 3d arrow
Draw_AxisCrossdraw cross through the axes origin of the x-y data
Draw_Cubedraws cube in current window
Plot_DispPathplots biaxial displacement path in current window
Plot_LoadHistoryplots uniaxial or biaxial displacement and axial force history in current window
Plot_SolutionHistoryplots force-displacent pairs during iterative incremental solution
Plot_StoryDistrplots all columns of array XP against the row index
Plot_XYDataplots one or more pairs of X and Y array columns
RshpData4MultColorPlotreshapes column vectors x and y to arrays for multi-color plotting

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