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label axial force values in current window


Label_AxialForces (Model,Post,ElemList,Digit,Units)


LABEL_AXIALFORCES label axial force values in current window
  the function displays in the current window the axial force values of elements
  in ELEMLIST for the structural model in data structure MODEL;
  POST is either the vector of basic forces Q, or
  a cell array with post-processing information for the basic element forces in POST.ELEM{el}.Q;
  the optional row vector ELEMLIST contains the numbers of elements to include for labeling,
  e.g. [1:4 7 9] selects elements 1 through 4, 7 and 9;
  the optional integer DIGIT controls the number of digits after the comma (default=1)
  the optional integer UNITS scaled the output values by the UNITS value

Cross-Reference Information

This function calls:

  • Localize returns the node coordinates and id array of element
  • ElmLenOr element length and x-axis orientation (direction cosines)
  • Q2Post converts the vector of basic forces Q to cell array Post.Elem{}
This function is called by: