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draws 2d or 3d arrow


varargout = Draw_Arrow (Astr,Aend,Aln,PlotOpt)


DRAW_ARROW draws 2d or 3d arrow
  the function draws an arrow with starting point ASTR and end point AEND, if ALN is empty;
  if ALN is specified, then it represents the arrow length
  with AEND interpreted as the arrow direction; in this case the function returns
  the end point coordinates of the arrow in vector AEND
  PLOTOPT is a data structure for controlling the arrow display with the following fields:
         TipSF: scale factor for controlling the size of the arrow tip (default = 1);
         ArWth: line width of arrow shaft (default = 1);
         ArClr: color of arrow shaft and tip (default = 'k');
         AbsSF: true or false to indicate absolute or relative to arrow length scaling

Cross-Reference Information

This function calls:

  • ElmLenOr element length and x-axis orientation (direction cosines)
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