Animate_EventSequencegenerate plot sequence with location of plastic hinges for each event
Animate_ResponseHistoryinteractive or recorded animation of response history
Get_HngPos4DefoElemdetermine axial and flexural hinge position for deformed element
Get_ModelScaledetermines maximum and minimum element length in Model
Label_Modeldisplays element and node numbers and global axes in the current window
Plot_BounCondplots symbols for boundary conditions of structural model
Plot_DeformedStructureplot deformed shape of the structure
Plot_DeformedSurfaceplots the deformed surface of 3d plate and shell models
Plot_ElemLoadingdisplay element loading in current window
Plot_Hinge4Elemplot releases or plastic hinges for truss or frame element
Plot_Modelplots the original or deformed geometry of the structural model
Plot_NodalForcesdisplay nodal forces in current window
Plot_OpenPlasticHingesdisplay plastic hinge locations in original or deformed configuration
Plot_PlasticHingesdisplay plastic hinge locations in current window
Plot_Releasesdisplay element releases in current window