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interactive or recorded animation of response history


Animate_ResponseHistory (Model,ElemData,Post,PlotOpt)


ANIMATE_RESPONSEHISTORY interactive or recorded animation of response history  
  the function animates either interactively or in a recorded video file
  the response history of the model in the data structure MODEL
  with the element properties in the cell array ELEMDATA; 
  the data structure POST contains the response history of the model; it can be either
  a data structure array of size equal to the number of response states with field U for
  the corresponding displacements or an array of size NDOF x NTIME,
  where NDOF is the number of model DOFs and NTIME the number of response states;
  the display of plastic hinges is only possible in the former case, since it requires
  information about the element deformations in Post(step).Elem{el};
  PLOTOPT is a data structure for controlling the response and plastic hinge display
  with the following fields:
    MAGF:  magnification factor for deformed shape (default = 10)
    EList: list of elements in animation (default = 1:Model.ne)
    NodSF: factor for relative size of node symbol (default = 1)  
    HngSF: scale factor for size of plastic hinge symbol (default = 1)
    HOfSF: factor for offset of plastic hinge symbol from element end (default = 1)
    ShwPH: switch for displaying active and closed plastic hinges (default = 'no')
    LnClr: line color for deformed shape (default = 'r' for red)
    LnWth: line width for deformed shape (default = 2)
    PlJnt: switch for plotting joint offsets (default = 'yes')
    PlCrd: display element chords with deformed shape (default = 'no')
    Inter: switch for interactive animation (yes) or video generation (default = 'no')
    MovieFN:   video file name (default = 'Movie')
    PauseDur:  pause duration for screen animation in sec (default = 0)
    FrameRate: frames per second for video recording (default = 30)
    Nskip: number of response states to skip (default = 1, i.e. no skipping)
    Nstrt: time step at start of animation   (default = 2, since 1 is initial state)
    Npend: time step at end   of animation   (default = end of data)
    ShowT: show time counter on screen (default = 'no')
    FntSz: font size of time counter   (default = 14)
    FctX : factor for X-axis limits    (default = 1.2)
    FctY : factor for Y-axis limits    (default = 1.1)

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