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display element loading in current window


Plot_ElemLoading (Model,ElemData,PlotOpt)


PLOT_ELEMLOADING display element loading in current window
  the function displays in the current window the distributed element loading
  and the initial deformations in ELEMDATA for the structural model in data structure MODEL;
  PLOTOPT is an optional data structure controlling the display;
  in its absense the function plots the model with default values;
  PLOTOPT has the following fields:
    FrcSF: scale factor for shaft of nodal force arrow (default = 1)
    TipSF: scale factor for nodal force arrow tip
    ArWth: width of nodal force arrow shaft (default=3)
    ArClr: color for nodal force arrow shaft and tip (default='r')
    FntSF: scale factor for font size of force label

Cross-Reference Information

This function calls:

  • Localize returns the node coordinates and id array of element
  • ElmLenOr element length and x-axis orientation (direction cosines)
  • Draw_Arrow draws 2d or 3d arrow
  • Get_ModelScale determines maximum and minimum element length in Model
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