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display nodal forces in current window


Plot_NodalForces (Model,Loading,PlotOpt)


PLOT_NODALFORCES display nodal forces in current window
  the function displays in the current window the nodal forces in LOADING
  for the structural model in data structure MODEL
  there are two options for supplying the nodal forces:
      (a) LOADING is a numerical array with the nodal force values in the format
          PE(nn,comp) where nn is the node number and comp the component
          with 1 corresponding to the force in the X-direction, 2 in the Y-direction etc
  or, (b) LOADING is a data structure as generated by the function Create_Loading
          with the nodal forces in field Pref, which is a vector with
          its row number corresponding to the DOF number of the structure
          NOTE: the function currently plots only the first column of LOADING.Pref 
  PLOTOPT is an optional data structure controlling the display;
  in its absense the function plots the model with default values;
  PLOTOPT has the following fields:
    FrcSF: scale factor for nodal force arrow shaft    (default = 1)
    TipSF: scale factor for nodal force arrow tip      (default = 1)
    ArWth: line width of nodal force arrow shaft       (default=3)
    ArClr: color for nodal force arrow shaft and tip   (default='r')
    Label: 'yes' for labeling the nodal force value    (default='no')
    FntSF: scale factor for font size of force label   (default = 1)
    Digit: number of digits to display to the right of decimal point (default = 2);
    Units: force units                                 (default = base unit);
    MAGF : magnification scale for deformed configuration (default = 10)
    U    : global DOF displacements for plotting in the deformed configuration (default = 0)

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